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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Many Refined Grains Are You Consuming?

How Many Refined Grains Are You Consuming?

In the past 30 years, the average American is consuming 195 more calories from grains such as wheat, rice, corn and oats. About 90 percent of the grain we eat is refined, not whole. It is easy to consume refined grains – pasta or rice served at restaurants, pancakes, bagels, muffins, pretzels and cookies.

Many refined grains are served in a portion size larger than the recommended serving size. For example, a serving of rice or pasta at a restaurant may be two to three servings greater than the recommended serving size. In addition, the size of bagels, muffins and other foods has increased. Since many people have gotten use to larger portion sizes, it is easy to eat more than we should.
There are some health issues related to consuming too many carbohydrates which are found in refined grain products including:

- can raise triglycerides and lower HDL “good” cholesterol.
- limiting refined grains can help lower blood pressure.
- whole grains are healthier than refined grains.

It is wise to spend carbohydrates on healthy foods. Choose foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains and limit the amount of foods consumed that contain refined grains.


  1. This is important. Your information is really crucial. Generally people don't think about it.

  2. As per my view Flour and rice supply in many parts of the large size than the recommended amount. For example, rice or pasta in a restaurant's service may exceed the recommended amount of two to three more.

    1. you are right refined grains are better there's no doubt about it! thanks for the advise