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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eat a Rainbow of Fresh Produce Every Day for Good Health

Eat a Rainbow of Fresh Produce Every Day for Good Health

Is your dinner plate looking bland lately? Does it need some color? If so, you might want to follow the advice in the new USDA MyPlate system. The MyPlate symbol – a colorful dinner plate divided into four sections represents the USDA’s guidelines for healthy eating. The plate has one section for fruits, another for vegetables, and two more for grains and proteins. A glass next to the plate represents dairy.

 MyPlate gives a quick visual image of a healthy meal. One of the basic messages emphasized in MyPlate is to fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables offer abundant color. Choose rosy red cherry tomatoes, orange sweet potatoes, or a dark green spinach salad to add color to your plate. 

Here are some tips to help parents who want to serve healthier meals to children.
- Children love to help. Let kids make a low-fat yogurt and fruit smoothie using fresh, frozen or canned fruit.
- Kids like to dip their foods. Dip colorful raw carrots, broccoli or yellow squash slices into low-fat ranch dressing. Fruit chunks like pineapple, strawberries and kiwi can be dipped into kids’ favorite yogurt.
- Plant a cherry tomato plant in a large container. Water and support the plant with a frame as it grows. Enjoy tomatoes picked off your own plant.
- Make a family trip to the farmer’s market to buy colorful fresh produce.

Source: Nancy Coffey, Eau Claire County Family Nutrition Education Coordinator

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  1. It is so necessary to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits in our daily meals. Great great post.