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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not All Yogurts Are Created Equal

Not All Yogurts Are Created Equal

There has been a proliferation of varieties of yogurt in recent years. Yogurt is a very nutritious food. It contains calcium, vitamin D and protein and a number of varieties contain probiotics. Probiotics are “good” bacteria that are similar to those in your body. They provide healthy benefits by helping prevent the growth of “bad” bacteria in your gut and encourage a healthy digestive system.

Here are some tips when shopping for yogurt.
- Watch the sugar. Yogurt, like milk that it is made from contains natural sugar. However, a number of brands add sugar. Look for those containing the least amount of sugar. A container of unsweetened yogurt contains 12 grams of naturally occurring sugar. It good rule of thumb is to look for yogurt that has 16 grams of sugar or less. (16 grams of sugar equals one teaspoon).

- It you buy yogurt with probiotics, look for the Live and Active Cultures seal showing the product contains an ample amount of these cultures.

- Check for protein. Protein helps keep you feeling fuller longer. So choose yogurt with at least five grams of protein per serving.

- Watch for crunchy mix-ins that can boast calorie levels with little added nutritional value.

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