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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Food Myths

Food Myths
Parts of the following blog were taken from the Two Cent Tips Newsletter prepared by University of Delaware Cooperative Extension staff.
Myth 1 – Brown eggs are healthier than white eggs. From a nutrition perspective, these two eggs are the same. The reason they are different colors is because of genetics, different breeds lay different color eggs. Brown eggs are often more expensive than white eggs.
Myth 2 – Canned fruit and vegetables are less healthy. There may be a few nutrients that are diminished during the processing of foods, but the most important nutrients are retained. Many canned and frozen foods are processed within hours of being harvested, so few nutrients are lost.
Myth 3 – Bottled water is safer than tap water A 2009 study released by the US General Accounting Office said that bottled water undergoes less scrutiny than tap water, which must meet a tougher safety standard. Flavor may be a different story, depending on your water source, but for most of us, when given a blind taste test can’t tell the difference.
Myth 4 – Bigger is always cheaper. It is important to compare sizes/quantities and prices. We often assume that we save money when buying bigger. Sometimes the larger size has a higher price per unit because of added packaging. Buyers should be prepared to compare until prices between items in the warehouse club as well as competitors in big-box stores.

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