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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Very Hungry People Skip Veggies for Starches and Protein

Very Hungry People Skip Veggies for Starches and Protein

After going without food for 18 hours, most people would rather reach for French fries or chicken fingers than green beans or carrots, according to a new study from Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab. The study published June 25, 2012 in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, found that 75 percent of participants placed on a 18 hour fast started their next meal with a starch or protein rather than a vegetable, compared with 44 percent of non-fasting participants.
Most of the calories consumed during that meal came from whichever food they ate first – participants consumed about 47 percent more calories from the first food they ate compared other foods.
Even relatively mild food deprivation can alter the foods people choose to eat, potentially leading them to eat starches first and most.
Source: eXtension

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