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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Soda Issues

Soda Issues

National sales of sodas are estimated to be over $18 billion, including both regular and low/no calorie products, total carbonated and non-carbonated beverage sales are estimated to be approximately $400 billion per year, and beverage companies spent $948 million marketing sugar-sweetened beverages in 2010.

Science, personal values, commercial interests, and political concerns have come together to put sugar-sweetened beverages in the spotlight. Mayor Bloomberg’s approval of a controversial ban on super-sized sodas is one example, pitting advocates for personal freedom and minimal government against supporters of public health measures to address environmental issues related to obesity in children and families.

It is important for families and individuals to understand the value of healthy food purchases and plan food and beverage purchases that fit their personal, social, cultural, ethnic, economic and geographic situations.

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