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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Don't Let Winter Weather Derail Your Eating Well Plans

Don’t Let Winter Weather Derail Your Eating Well Plans

Madison, Wis.--The cold, snowy days of winter can make it a challenge to keep active and eat healthfully. Susan Nitzke, nutrition specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Extension and professor emerita of nutritional sciences at the UW-Madison, offers these tips to help you stay fit when it’s hard to get outdoors.
Eating well. Comfort foods, treats and sugary beverages often have more calories than they are worth, nutritionally speaking. Consider your options and plan to make healthy changes that work for you. For example:
--Instead of cookies or candy, have a piece of fruit when you’re hungry for something sweet. A cup of blueberries or grapes has less than 100 calories and satisfies that desire for sweetness.
--Keep cherry tomatoes, pepper strips snap peas, or carrots handy in your refrigerator for a quick and nutritious snack, perhaps with some hummus or yogurt dip.
--When a high-calorie food is the only thing that will do, keep the portion size small. Eat that cookie in small bites and relish the flavor so that you don’t mindlessly eat more than you really want.
--Think about nutrition in the beverages you consume, as well as food. When you’re thirsty, nothing’s better than water. Or drink some tea or coffee with a minimum of sugar or cream. Pure, 100-percent fruit juice and low-fat or nonfat milk are much better for your body than sugary sodas.
--Use the Nutrition Facts label and the Ingredients list on food labels to choose nutritious low-fat and low-sugar foods and beverages at the grocery store.
--Don’t abandon your good intentions when eating out. Pick a restaurant that has healthy choices and reasonably sized portions.

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