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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

De-clutter Your Kitchen

De-clutter Your Kitchen
After cleaning out my kitchen utensil drawer this morning while in search of a cake tester, I decided it is time to de-clutter and better organize my kitchen. Here are some ideas I will be incorporating into my kitchen.
  •  Box up any items that you are not sure you really need and store in the basement or garage. If you have not used these items in a year or more, donate to charity.
  •  Outfit cabinets with shelf risers and you will nearly double what can fit.
  •  Stack staples using modular containers. The square containers take less space than round containers.
  •  Fill baskets with linens and odd shaped items.
  •  If you don’t have small children, consider storing your knives on a magnetic knife holder.
  •  Stash dishes in a dish rack that mounts under the cabinet.
  •  Hang paper towels horizontally or vertically. Speaking of vertical, hooks, racks, shelves and pegboards lift often-used items off your prep and cook areas.

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