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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Study Finds Breastfeeding Boosts Babies' Intelligence

Study Finds Breastfeeding Boosts Babies’ Intelligence

According to a Harvard University study, breastfed children are smarter. The study found the longer babies are nursed, the greater their intelligence. This study was recently published in JAMA Pediatrics.

The research which followed more than 1,000 women and their babies, found that each additional month a baby was breastfed resulted in better language skills at three years of age and intelligence at age seven compared to babies that were not breastfed. The study was one of the largest to look at the role of breastfeeding on a child’s intelligence.

Breastfeeding is not the only contributing factor to intelligence. It is important to point out that breastfeeding is just one factor that influences a child’s intelligence. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests exclusive breastfeeding for six months after birth before adding food, and that mothers continue to nurse until their child is at least one year old.

It is not known how breast milk benefits intelligence. More studies will be needed to better understand the relationship.

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