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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Celebrate Football Season with Dips

Celebrate Football Season with Dips

It’s football season in Green Bay. Tailgate parties and gatherings of friends and family to watch the Green Bay Packers occur with regular frequency. No matter who is your favorite team, one food almost always guaranteed to be at a football gathering is dip.

While there are many dips available, dips are not created equal. Some dips are high in fat, saturated fat and sodium. Read the Nutrition Facts label to find out this information. Fortunately there are many options that fit into a healthy diet.

To reduce calories and saturated fat, exchange sour cream-based dips in favor of hummus and white-bean dips. Both are tasty ways to add more legumes to your diet. Another option is to use no-fat Greek yogurt rather than sour cream.

The standard serving size for dips is two tablespoons. It is easy to go over board and eat more than one portion, thus increasing fat and sodium. Instead of repeatedly dipping into a serving bowl, spoon dip onto a plate to help control intake.

Read the ingredient label. Some dips contain monosodium glutamate, cultured dextrose and carrageenan. By reading the label, you will be sure not to get more than you expect.

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