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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rethink Holiday Food Preparation

Rethink Holiday Food Preparation

With a short window between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, many people are rushing to get ready for Christmas. Perhaps this is the year to rethink holiday food preparation.

One popular option is do-it-yourself food bars. Keep baked potatoes warm and have available cooked vegetables, shredded cheese, chili, sour cream and assortment of ingredients that can serve as toppings. Or how about a hot chocolate bar with toppings such as marshmallow, whipped cream and chocolate shavings? Pasta also works well with a variety of sauces available. People can eat when they are hungry and this gives them a choice to choose foods they want to eat.

With so many social events scheduled from Thanksgiving through the first of January, it may be time to rethink the large holiday dinner. My family is having lasagna this year. The lasagna can be made in advance and heated before eating. With some good bread and a salad this will be a tasty and satisfying meal that will save time and allow us to spend more time together.

If you plan to serve brunch, plan to serve simple foods later in the day. Perhaps soup can be heating in a crock pot, hearty snacks, or array of spreads, cheeses and meats for sandwiches.

Check out the local deli and supermarket for prepared food options.. These types of businesses can save you time and offer great variety. I hear more people say they want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with family and friends. I learned that people would rather have a calm hostess and prepared food than time-intensive dishes and a stressful holiday meal.

Focus on activities of the season rather than activities in the kitchen. By planning ahead and perhaps changing the focus of menus, there will be more time to concentrate on relaxing together, playing games, cooking and eating good food together, and giggling as much as possible.

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