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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wraps and Bags

Wraps and Bags

There are many options when it comes to using bags and wraps. So make certain to choose the right option.
Disposal food storage products are an inexpensive and space-saving alternative to containers.
Plastic Wrap & Bags - These are a top choice for keeping moisture in and contaminants out of foods. Wraps cling to glass and ceramic. In the fridge, they seal against odor and flavor transfer. Lightweight bags are best for short-term storage. Heavy-Duty freezer bags are best for freezing and long-term storage.
Aluminum Foil - Impermeable to moisture and odor, foil wrapped with an airtight seal is the best defense against smelly foods. Use to cover pans or to protect pie edges from over browning in the oven. Do not use with high-acid foods.
Wax Paper & Bags - Use to create a nonstick work surface or to wrap cold food items, such as sandwiches. Place on custards and puddings to avoid a top skin.
Parchment Paper - Parchment paper is coated with silicone, providing a nonstick, heat-resistant surface. Parchment paper can be used to line pans in baking, or to cover food for steaming in microwave.
Freezer/Butcher Paper - More durable than parchment, freezer paper is white kraft paper coated with plastic, and butcher paper is uncoated kraft paper. Use it for storing cheese or as an overwrap for plastic.

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