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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

100 Calories Snacks

100 Calories Snacks
Satisfy your hunger by consuming healthy snacks. The ready-to-go snacks listed below have 100 calories or less per serving. These snacks sneak good nutrition into small packages without skimping on taste. 
Blueberries, 1 cup
Dried apricots, 6 
Grapes, 1 cup
Watermelon balls, 2 cups
Baby carrots, 10
Broccoli florets, 1 cup
Blue corn tortilla chips, 10
Pistachios, dry-roasted and unsalted, 25
Popcorn, unbuttered, 2 cups
Whole almonds, 13
Egg, hard boiled, 1
Milk, fat-free or 1%, 1 cup
Mozzarella cheese stick, 1
Yogurt, fat-free, ½ cup
Oatmeal cookie, small, 1

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