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Monday, September 22, 2014

Cooking Tips for Cooking for One or Two

Cooking Tips for Cooking for One or Two
It can be a challenge when cooking for one or two. Just because you have a smaller household does not mean that you should abandon the kitchen for takeout. Here are some tips to prepare healthy meals that provide variety.

- Cook a batch of whole grain such as brown rice or barley and freeze in individual portions using a muffin pan. Once frozen, the discs can be stores in a freezer storage bag.
- Visit the bulk bins at your local health foods and grocery stores.  You can buy exactly what you need with no waste and it is often less expensive per pound. 
- Bulk bags of fruits and vegetables are only a better deal if you eat them before they spoil. If you only need three mushrooms, it may be better to buy them individually rather than purchasing an eight ounce package unless you have other plans to use them.
- Embrace breakfast for dinner.  Eggs, pancakes, and French toast are quick and easy to make as well as nutritious.
- Find a friend and do a meal trade.  Know someone who is also dining solo?  Suggest that each of you find a recipe that serves two and prepare it.  Keep one portion for yourself and trade the second portion so you will have two single-serving meals.
- Cook once and eat all week.  I like to cook a whole chicken on the weekend.  I can use the meat for sandwiches, chicken salad, chicken tacos and what is left can be frozen.
- Take advantage of salad bars in the supermarket.  It is a great way to buy smaller portions of already prepared chopped vegetables that can be used in salads, stir fries, and casseroles. 

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