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Monday, January 12, 2015

Six Reasons SuperTracker Is the Answer to Conquering New Year's Resolutions

 Six Reasons SuperTracker Is the Answer to Conquering New Year’s Resolutions 
If you are like millions of Americans, thinking about New Year’s Resolutions makes your hands sweat. Don’t worry. USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion has got you covered.

Whether you want to lose weight, get more calcium in your diet, or increase your activity, SuperTracker is here to help. With these six steps, you’ll be well on your way to making your New Year’s Resolution a reality!
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1. You can create a FREE New Year’s Resolution plan that is right for you.
When it comes to making healthy changes, one size doesn’t fit all. With SuperTracker’s My Plan, registered users can create a personalized diet and physical activity program to meet their needs.
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2. You’ll get your own personal cheering squad!
We don’t want you out in the field on your own. That’s why SuperTracker offers a Coach Center – to keep you on track to better health. SuperTracker will send you tips to reach your goals and a giant pat on the back with every milestone you reach.
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3. You can log your food AND your activity with one program! Think of SuperTracker as your one stop health shop. You can track what you eat with Food Tracker and how much you move with Physical Activity Tracker. See how your daily choices stack up to meet your goals. - See more at:

4. You can compare and contrast foods on the go!
Rushing through the grocery store to pick up something healthy for dinner? SuperTracker’s Food-A-Pedia is here to lighten the load and the calories. Compare foods side by side and choose the foods that are right for you.
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5. Yep, there’s a graph for that.
Show off your success with SuperTracker’s fancy graphs and charts. Make your coworkers jealous when they see how many fruits and veggies you are eating.
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6. One tool for the whole family – almost…You can create multiple profiles within one account to keep the whole family on track. SuperTracker is a plan for the whole clan! Well, almost – Fluffy the cat might need to find his own fancy health tool. - See more at:


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