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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Homemade Soup Day - February 4th

Homemade Soup Day – February 4th
Soup is a common meal in many countries and probably dates back to the invention of the earliest cooking pots.  While it is easy to open a can and heat a can of soup, it is even better when it is homemade.  Soup is easy, inexpensive and quick to make.  What a better way to enjoy a delicious bowl of soup than on Homemade Soup Day.    

It’s almost impossible to quickly consume a bowl of soup. You have to eat slowly and enjoy each spoonful. Also, the high liquid content of most soups does a great job of filling your stomach.
Here are some tips for making healthy soup.
·     If the soup or stew is high in fiber (from beans, vegetables, and/or whole grains), it will also help add bulk to your meal and thus help you feel full longer.
·    Soft watery vegetables like zucchinis and yellow squash add gorgeous body and texture without overpowering the flavor
·    As long as the soup is broth- or tomato-based, usually there are fewer calories. A cup of broth, by itself, is typically very low in calories and fat grams.  Cream-based soups can be a different story. One cup of light whipping cream has lots of calories and fat. One option is to switch to whole milk in creamy soup recipes.
·    Not all broth products are created alike.  Try a number of broths to determine which you like best or take the time to make broth from scratch.
·    Roasting a chicken or turkey is a good excuse for making broth from the soup which will lead to an excellent tasting soup.
·    Look for opportunities to add extra vegetables to soup.  
·    Look for recipes which have dried or canned beans as an ingredient.  Beans are an excellent source of fiber and offer a lot of nutritional value.

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