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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Making Healthy Choices When Selecting Coffee Drinks

Making Healthy Choices When Selecting Coffee Drinks
Drinking coffee is a popular pastime as well as being important for people looking for a boast from the caffeine contained in coffee.  Over the years, the number of coffee drink options has increased substantially.  While these drinks taste great, it is easy to consume more calories than anticipated. 

Remember that a cup of black coffee has no calories, carbohydrates or grams of fat. Once additional ingredients are added, this can change quickly.  Many coffee drinks depending on the ingredients can include a lot of sugar and fat.  Take the time to obtain and check out the nutrition information on your favorite coffee drinks, so you know how much fat and sugar are in these products.
Save on calories, fat and sugar by ordering a smaller size.  You still enjoy the drink, while consuming fewer calories, fat and sugar.

Skip the whip cream which does not add much nutritional value while adding more calories.
Select skim milk to reduce saturated fat and calories.

Remember flavored syrups and toppings can increase the sugar content of coffee drinks.  Either request a smaller flavor sot or skip the syrup entirely.            

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