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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cooking Apps

Cooking Apps
There never seems to be enough to plan and prepare meals.  Here are some apps that can make planning easier.
Grocery iQ is an intuitive grocery list app that allows users to scan items from home to add to the app’s favorites section for future list making.  The app builds lists and arranges items by category for quick shopping.   
Evernote Food is an app that allows users to save recipes found on the Web into a personal cookbook for later use.  You can log notes about dishes in the “My Meals” section of the app.
Appetites is interactive, step-by-step cooking videos.  The app is designed for those with basic kitchen knowledge as well as the more experienced cook.
How to Cook Everything app features thousands of recipes with easy to follow instructions.  There is a search feature and converts measurements quickly.   



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