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Monday, April 6, 2015

Healthy Meals with Frozen Pizza

Healthy Meals with Frozen Pizza
There are some evenings where time is short and frozen pizza is a quick option.  Here are some tips for making meals with frozen pizza healthy.

  • Since more dough means more calories look for a frozen pizza with a thin crust.  If you can find a frozen pizza with whole wheat flour as a crust ingredient this will improve the nutritional value.  Also skip buying a pizza with cheese stuffed into the crust. 
  •  Meat lover pizzas tend to include meats that are high in calories and sodium.  Less is more when buying a pizza.  Add your own vegetable toppings.
  • Pay attention to serving sizes.  One size of pizza may not seem like much, but remember many frozen pizzas contain lots of calories. Look for a pizza that has less than 350 calories and less than 600 milligrams of sodium per two slice serving.
  • Another option is to make your own pizza.  You can buy a crust and pizza sauce and add your own toppings like vegetables and Canadian bacon which has less grams of fat.  You can also control the amount of cheese placed on the pizza.  Making a pizza does not need to be time consuming. 
  •  Remember to serve a salad with pizza to improve the nutritional value of the meal.      

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