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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It's Time for Pickling

It’s Time for Pickling
Pickling isn’t just for cucumbers! Try one of the many other zesty vegetable pickles you can make and can this summer, like Pickled Dilled Beans and Pickled Okra.  These recipes are part of a larger group of tested food preservation recipes on the National Home Food Preservation Center at the University of Georgia.
 Making pickled foods is fun and usually easy.  Here are some tips to ensure your products turn out great.
·       Use the exact amount of salt called for in the recipe.  Canning salt is recommended for use in pickling processes.
·       Select fresh, firm, high quality vegetables and fruits for pickling. For best quality, pickle fruits or vegetables within 24 hours of harvest.
·       If using cucumbers in a recipe, make sure they are pickling cucumbers.  The wax coated cucumbers sold in the grocery store are not suitable for pickling because the pickling solution cannot penetrate the wax coating.
·       Use a vinegar that is a 5 percent acetic acid. Apple cider vinegar can be a good choice for many pickles.  Its mellow, fruity taste blends well with other flavors.
·       Remove all blossoms and cut a 1/16th inch slice from the blossom end of vegetables and discard. The blossoms contain enzymes that can cause softening and result in an unacceptable product.
·       Softened water is recommended for making pickles and relishes.
Happy pickling! 


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