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Monday, October 12, 2015

Making Wise Choices When Eating at Italian Restaurants

Making Wise Choices When Eating At Italian Restaurants
Consumption of food prepared away from home plays an increasingly large role in the American diet. In 1970, 25.9 percent of all food spending was on food away from home; by 2012, that share rose to its highest level of 43.1 percent. A number of factors contributed to the trend of increased dining out since the 1970s, including a larger share of women employed outside the home, more two-earner households, higher incomes, more affordable and convenient fast food outlets, increased advertising and promotion by large foodservice chains, and the smaller size of U.S. households. (Source: USDA Economic Research Service)

Ethnic restaurants have increased in popularity due to the great flavors and wonderful dishes they serve. Italian restaurants area popular choice.  Here are some tips for making wise choices.
·       Make marinara sauce or light tomato sauce your go-to salad.  White sauces can have lots of calories.
·       Order a garden salad to enjoy prior to consuming the pasta entrĂ©e.
·       Limit the amount of bread consumed. It is easy to over eat bread.
·       Bacon, cheese and olives can add sodium and calories to entrees.
·       Pay attention to the number of glasses of wine consumed. The calories in alcohol can add up.
·       Use red pepper flakes to add more flavor without adding calories.   

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