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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How to Reduce Your Thanksgiving Food Waste

How to Reduce Your Thanksgiving Food Waste
Thanksgiving is a time to dust off the favorite family recipes.  For every leftover that goes uneaten, the idea of food waste and steps you can take to reduce it should begin prior to shopping.  The USDA estimates more than 30 percent of groceries in the U.S. get thrown out each year. Think about how much food you waste during the holiday season. 
Here are a few, easy ways to reduce food waste and have a great Thanksgiving.
·       Check your cupboards or pantry prior to making a grocery list.  This will help you to use items you already have on hand and reduce extra trips to the grocery store.
·       Get creative with leftovers. Instead of tossing leftovers in the trash or doing the same turkey and cranberry sandwich each year, try to come up with some new ideas. Websites, Pinterest, printed materials along with cooking shows can provide great ideas for using leftovers. 
·       Have guests bring reusable containers to make sharing of leftovers easier.  You will throw away less food and your guests will have food to enjoy.
·       Give nonperishable food items for gifts. Chocolate fudge and cookies are great gifts, but often some of it ends up in the trash.  Skip the perishable food items this year and give  soup, a cookie or cake mix or jam or other food items that can be enjoyed after the holiday season is over.
Source: Mark Walter, Business Development Manager, Brown County Resource Recovery              

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