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Friday, December 11, 2015

Gifts From the Kitchen

Gifts from the Kitchen
With the holidays quickly approaching, I have started to think about gift giving.  For neighbors and friends, I like to give gifts from the kitchen.  Last weekend, I made two batches of orange spice jelly.  I recently made apple butter and spent time this summer making a variety of jams and jellies which I will give along with loaves of homemade oatmeal bread to neighbors and friends.  I plan to make a couple of batches of granola and caramel corn to share with colleagues that I work with.     

Prepared foods that can be frozen also make great gifts, especially for those who don’t like to cook or aren’t able to. They can heat up the food and have a homemade dish in no time. Some good recipes for this are make ahead breakfast casserole or lasagna.  Be sure to include the recipe and baking instructions.     

Gift certificates for a grocery store, local food market or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share are great gift options for people who like to cook. Another idea is a gift certificate for a store selling kitchen gadgets.   A bottle of olive oil is another healthy gift option.  For the person who loves to garden, a gift certificate to their favorite nursery or catalog is a welcome gift.  It is always fun to try a new variety of tomatoes, fruit or vegetable.  

Share the gift of good food that’s good for you!


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