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Friday, January 29, 2016

Preparing Recipes Shown on Cooking Shows

Preparing Recipes Shown on Cooking Shows

Cooking shows are extremely popular.  A study conducted by Cornell University researchers showed that people who frequently make recipes they see on these programs weigh more than those who  watch cooking shows and don’t cook.  Researchers suspect viewers may replicate the exact dishes which are often calorie-laden. 

The study surveyed 501 women ages 20-35 to assess their cooking habits and how they obtained recipe information from cooking shows and often cooked from scratch weighed an average of 11 pounds more that those who watched food TV and did not often cook.

It may be advantageous for cooks to gather information from sources other than television.  A number of cooking shows normalize over consumption and gratification.  It is important for people who enjoy watching these shows to recognize these influences and learn to modify recipes to be more healthy or find recipes from other sources.
Source: Cornell University


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