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Monday, April 18, 2016

Bread Talk

Bread Talk
While most of us use bread as a vehicle for transporting other foods to our mouth, it is easy to underestimate the nutritional value of bread.  Here are some tips for selecting a healthy loaf of bread.
  • With so many varieties of bread, it can be confusing to choose a healthy loaf.  Find the Nutrition Facts label on wrapper of a loaf of bread. Under the Nutrition Facts label is a list of ingredients in the product listed in descending order by quantity.  The first ingredient should be a whole grain like whole wheat, or oats. Wheat flour is not the same as whole wheat flour. Wheat flour is white flour.
  • Check the grams of fiber in a slice of bread. There can be significant variance.  The fiber content can range from one gram to four or more grams.   
  • Check the grams per slice. While most slices of bread come in at about 25 grams, some slices may be less than 25 grams while other may be larger.  This is important if you plan to each a couple of slices as the larger the slice the more calories it contains.
  • Since bread is often used as a vehicle for transporting other foods, make sure the other ingredients on the slice are healthy.  Add an assortment of vegetables.  Choose lean meat as well as low-fat and low-sodium protein foods like low-fat cheese. Use minimal amounts of high fat foods like butter or mayonnaise or high-sugar foods like jams and jellies.

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