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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Washing Produce

Washing Produce
With seasonable produce more abundant in supermarkets, farmers markets and produce stands, it is important to remember to wash these items with care.  Here are some tips for washing various types of produce.
For melons like cantaloupe, carrots and citrus fruits, use a clean vegetable brush to scrub the surface as you rinse these items well.
To remove soil and microorganisms on produce with bumpy, uneven surfaces such as fennel and leeks, soak for one to two minutes in cold water.
Place berries, greens and herbs in a spinner and rinse for 30 seconds.  Then spin for 15 seconds or until completely dry.  To prevent berries from bruising, line the spinner with paper towels.
Wipe mushrooms with a clean, barely damp paper towel. If you rinse them, do it lightly, and then dry gently with paper towels. Never soak mushrooms in water.
Soap and other products designed to wash produce are not needed. 

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