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Friday, August 26, 2016

Melons-Many Varieties to Choose From

Melons – Many Varieties to Choose From

While shopping, I have noticed a increasing array of melons to choose from. While melons come in many varieties, they fall into two basic groups: watermelons and muskmelon.  
  • Red-fleshed watermelons are the most popular.
  • Orange- and yellow-flesh melons are very sweet.
  • Black imagination melons are sweet and juicy with rinds ranging from deep green to black. 
  • Lemon drops have a sweet-tart flavor and a hint of honeydew.  
  • Dewlicious melons have a yellow-gold skin and bring almost pure white flesh.
  • Honey Kiss melons have a light crisp texture and have a sweet flavor.
  • Sugar Kiss melons are the newest member of the Kiss family of melons and are very sweet and juicy with a pale orange flesh.
  • Summer Kiss is a dark gold honeydew-like melon that is mellow, creamy and sweet.  
Since most of us buy melons at the store or farmers market, it is easy to forget that most melons are grown on the ground. You may not think it is important to wash the outside of a melon, since you do not eat the tough outer part. When you slice the melon, bacteria on the outside of the melon are easily transferred to the inner edible area that you eat. Be sure to wash the outer surface of melons.

Wash the outer surface of the melon thoroughly with cool tap water to remove surface dirt. Scrub the melon with a clean produce brush. Dry the melon with a clean cloth or paper towel and refrigerate until ready to cut. Using soap or detergent to clean your produce is not recommended. Wash equipment and utensils that will come in contact with cut melons (e.g., cutting boards, knives, etc.) thoroughly with hot, soapy water. Rinse, sanitize, and air-dry.

Store melons in the refrigerator. Place cut melon in airtight containers to prevent absorption of other food odors.

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