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Friday, September 30, 2016

Beans and Whole Grains Are Getting Press This Year
Beans and grains are getting a lot of press this year.  It is the International Year of the Pulses which recognizes lentils, peas and beans as a critical part of the general food basket.  The 2015 Dietary Guidelines again encourages people to consume three servings of whole grains daily.  Here are some tips for eating more beans and whole grains.

  • Buying dried beans and grains in bulk is often more cost effective than buying a package of either of these items.  Purchasing in bulk can be most helpful if you want to try a new recipe and not sure you will like the dried beans or whole grain called for in the recipe.  You can buy as little or as much as you want when purchasing in bulk.
  • Soaking beans before cooking helps with digestion and reduces gas.
  • Cooked beans and whole grains can be easily frozen in freezer bags or containers.  Slightly undercook beans and grains before freezing so they retain their shape and texture better when defrosted.
  • When short on time keep canned beans in your pantry for entrees that call for beans.
  • Whip up some of your favorite grain/bean recipes and freeze in portion appropriate freezer containers.  This makes a quick reheat meal.
The Whole Grain Council has a number of helpful resources on their website.  Information on pulses can be found at the US Dry Pea& Lentil Council and at



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