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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Surfing the Web for Accurate Nutrition and Health Information

Surfing the Web for Accurate Nutrition and Health Information
The internet can be a great information resource that is quick and easy to use. You can find breaking nutrition news, healthy recipes, and sound nutrition advice. Like other media outlets, however, the web can also be crowded with misinformation and poor nutrition guidance. Here are tips to help make you a whiz on the web in searching for credible nutrition and health information.

Perform an “advanced search” to help limit the search to be more specific to your needs. For instance, you can search within a specific site or domain. The three-letter suffix on a website address such as “.com” or “.edu” is the domain. Some domains may be more credible than others.

Remember, dependable sources often state where information is coming from, who funds the studies or organization, and what credentials and education qualify the writers on the topic.
Article written as part of the Words on Wellness, Iowa State University Extension
Sources of Information for the Newsletter:
• Nourish Your Mind and Body With Accurate Health Information—How to Sort Fact From Fiction, North Dakota State University, Julie Garden-Robinson, PhD, RD, LRD Food and Nutrition Specialist
• Choosing Reliable Nutrition Information, University of Illinois Extension

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