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Monday, January 16, 2017

Selecting a Healthy Soup When Dining Out

Selecting a Healthy Soup When Dining Out
On a cold and blustery day, there is nothing like a bowl of steaming soup. Here are some tips for making a wise choice when selecting a bowl of soup when dining out.
  • Creamy and cheese soups can have a significant amount of saturated fat. Instead select a clear broth soup such as chicken noodle or vegetable beef soup.
  • Soup can be a great source of fiber and nutrients. Choose soups filled with beans, vegetables, and lean protein sources.  
  • If you are ordering soup and an entrĂ©e, you may want to select a cup of soup rather than a bowl of soup.
  • Remember that some soups served at restaurants can contain a significant amount of sodium.
  • When ordering soup, consider pairing soup with a salad or sandwich made with whole grain bread and lean protein.   
  • Skip soup toppings such as a sprinkle of cheese, crumbled bacon or croutons as these items can increase saturated fat and sodium content of the soup.

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