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Friday, March 31, 2017

MyPlate, MyWins Tips: Enjoy Italian Cuisine

MyPlate, MyWins Tips:  Enjoy Italian Cuisine
Savor your favorite Italian meals in a healthier way with these small changes.
 small icon of a glass of red wineBalance your options:  You don’t necessarily have to skip the bread, wine, and dessert. Consider choosing just one of these options and pass on refills.
 small icon of a saladStart with salad:  Choose a mixed green salad with vinaigrette instead of fried appetizers, which are higher in sodium and saturated fat.
 small icon of a bowl of whole wheat pastaGo for whole grains: Ask for whole-wheat pasta or pizza crust. Whole grains have more fiber and nutrients than refined grains.
 small icon of a piece of cheese and a cheese graterLighten up on cheese:  Ask for a lighter sprinkling of cheese on pizza or pasta to cut back on the saturated fat and sodium.
 small icon of a jar of pasta sauceChoose red sauces:  Pick sauces made from vegetables, like marinara sauce, rather than heavy cream or butter sauce.


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