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Monday, March 20, 2017

Winning NCAA Snack Ideas

Winning NCAA Snack Ideas
Hopefully you have completed your brackets for this first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament. As you watch games this weekend cheering on your favorite team(s), here are some ideas for healthy snack options.  
  • Offer popcorn which is a whole-grain food. If you choose microwave popcorn select a healthy low fat option. Or spritz air-popped kernels with flavored olive oil.
  • If making a dip, use low-fat plain Greek yogurt rather than sour cream.
  • Serve kabobs rather than wings. Kabobs can be purchased or made at home. If making at home, cut chicken breast into small chunks and marinate. Put chicken on short wooden skewers along with an assortment of vegetables. Make sure wooden skewers have been presoaked. Wrap ends with foil to prevent burning. Broil or place on grill and cook until vegetables are tender and meat juices run clear.  
  • Make a fruit dip by putting fresh or frozen fruit in a blender along with low-fat plain yogurt. Serve with pieces of pineapple, apple slices and/or kiwi.
  • Provide a choice of beverages such as unsweetened carbonated or sparking water infused with fruit flavors. Another option is to add sliced fruit such as oranges or lemons to a pitcher of water.     

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