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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Safe Food Holiday Gifts

Safe Food Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is one of gift-giving. Many home food preservers choose to provide their friends and relatives handcrafted foods preserved in their home. This is a great idea, but the gift giver needs to be aware of food safety issues.
Common gifts NOT recommended for making include: Instead choose to make flavored vinegars.
Canned breads. Read:
Instead, package completely dry cake recipe ingredients as gifts and provide mixing and baking instructions.
Many of the recipes for canned chocolate sauces and fudge sauces are low acid containing such ingredients as dairy products and recommend a boiling water process. These recipes do not have safe
Tested recipes for these products.
Canned gifts made in decorative, untested, jars. The temptation to package holiday canned foods in special decorative jars is not recommended. Only use recommended jars and lids. Read:
Keep in mind that some recipes, such as those above, are safe only if kept refrigerated or frozen. Most refrigerated foods can only be kept safely out of the refrigerator for short periods of time (less than 2 hours). Likewise, frozen foods should not be allowed to thaw. These facts should be taken into account when choosing to give a refrigerated or frozen preserved food as a gift.
Sources: National Center for Home Food Preservation

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