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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't Drink Your Calorie

Don’t Drink Your Calories
“Don’t drink your calories” is good advice if you are watching your weight. Many beverages contain significant calories. For example, a peppermint mocha can contain up to 400 calories. Researchers gave 34 young men and women – half overweight or obese and half were lean, approximately 400 to 550 calories a day from either solid food (fruits and vegetables) or fruit juice. The solid food which came to six or eight servings a day, was 10 percent vegetables, 35 percent fresh fruit, and 55 percent dried fruit.

After eight weeks on the fruits and vegetables, the people in the lean group compensated for the extra food by cutting back on their usual diets. They gained no weight. However, they gained about 3 ½ pounds after eight weeks on juice. The overweight or obese participants gained four pounds after four weeks on the fruit and vegetables and five pounds after eight weeks on the juice.

It is key to eat fruits and vegetables instead of getting these servings via juice. Remember that dried fruits are calorie dense, so eat only the recommended portion.

Source: Nutrition Action Healthletter, September 2011

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