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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Game Day Play Book for Great Eats

Game Day Play Book for Great Eats

While the Green Bay Packers lost in the playoffs, we will still be gathering with friends and relatives to watch the Super Bowl. Here are some ideas for great eats.

• Keep food and beverages simple. Baked potato bar, chili, sloppy joes, subs, tacos, chips and salsa are quick to prepare. A buffet allows guests to eat when they are ready.
• Use your slow cooker, so food will cook while you watch the game.
• If making a veggie tray, shape a loaf of frozen bread dough into a bowl and bake. Hollow out the center and fill with veggie dip. This saves on dishes.
• Keep snacks and beverages in the same room as people don’t want to miss any of the game and especially the commercials.
• Avoid spilling by having plenty of places for people to place food and beverages.
• If serving chips, offer a variety – multigrain, tortilla and baked.
• Some of your guests may have made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthy. Have available some healthy options.
• If serving chili, tone it down and let guest add jalapenos, hot sauce and additions to increase the hotness.

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