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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Citrus Fruits - A Taste of Sunshine

Citrus Fruits – A Taste of Sunshine

During these cold winter months, citrus fruit is a taste of sunshine and this fruit makes me smile when I see oranges, lemons, grapefruit and clementines at the grocery store. Their versatility stems from the fact that citrus offers three ingredients in one: fruit that can be eaten as is, added to salads, salsas and desserts; juice which can be drank as is or added to many recipes; and zest, offering a tantalizing fragrance and flavor wherever used.

In addition to flavor, citrus fruit is a good source of vitamin C, potassium and other vital nutrients needed to keep your body in good repair.

Look for these citrus fruits.
• Pummelo have a mild grapefruit flavor, are sweet and easy to peel. They are usually eaten by themselves or sectioned into salads, salsas or other dishes needing a pop of flavor. 
• Meyer lemons are mild, and have a slightly sweet lemon-orange flavor. Put slices under poultry skin before roasting. Meyer lemons are not tart enough for recipes calling for regular lemons.
• Blood oranges which are deep red in color with an intense bright orange flavor with a hint of raspberry or strawberry. Juice makes a lovely drink and flesh can be substituted for Valencia oranges.
• Clementine or mandarin are among the sweetest of citrus fruits. Sprinkle zest over salads or into chocolate cake or quick bread batter. Goes well with poultry and seafood.
• Cara Cara orange is a sweet red-fleshed naval orange that is low in acid. Juice is sweet with a slight tang that works well in beverages. Segments can be used in salads and goes well with fish.

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