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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Potatoes Can Be a Healthy Comfort Food

Potatoes Can Be a Healthy Comfort Food

Although it’s known as “America’s Dairyland,” many people don’t realize the state of Wisconsin is also among the nation’s leaders in the production of potatoes and vegetables. In terms of potato production, Wisconsin consistently ranks third in the country behind Idaho and Washington.

With the bitter temperatures the upper mid-west is experiencing this January, potato dishes are considered a traditional winter food. They can be baked or boiled and prepared in many other ways. In addition there are many potato products in the super market that make food preparation faster and easier.

Here are some hints when considering a potato dish.
• Read the ingredient list. Some convenience potato products contain little more than potatoes, salt and perhaps milk. On the other hand, some products contain a long list of ingredients. Also pay attention to the amount of sodium and fat in these products.
• Compare products found in the freezer section vs. those found on the shelves. Freezer products tend to have fewer ingredients and better nutritional profile.
• One option is to buy a plain potato product and add seasonings such as chives, shredded cheese and onion. This way you get more real ingredients and less artificial flavorings. 

Remember that potatoes are quick to prepare in the microwave. You can add a variety of toppings such as broccoli, shredded cheese, chili or salsa. This can be a quick and tasty entree that is low is in sodium and fat but high in flavor.

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