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Monday, June 2, 2014

Small Changes for a Healthier Diet

Small Changes for a Healthier Diet
There are many small changes that can add up to a healthier diet.
·         Instead of eating white rice, consume brown rice, wild rice or lentils. These food have more nutritional value than white rice.
·         Enjoy fat-free fruit sorbet rather than ice cream.
·         Dip bread in olive oil rather than spreading with butter.
·         Drink a glass of red wine rather than a soda.
·         Enjoy a piece of dark chocolate rather than a rich dessert.
·         Break the habit of consuming the last few bites of food in serving bowls. This will lead to consuming fewer calories.
·         Consume whole grain bread rather than white bread.
·         Choose nutrient dense foods like fruit rather than fruit snacks that have a lot of sugar.

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