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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Making Eating a Sustainable Part of Your Life

Making Eating a Sustainable Part of Your Life
There is an increased interest in sustainable food practices. Here are some tips for becoming more sustainable.
  •  A plant based diet which focuses more on plants than animal foods can have a significant impact on the environment.  Plant foods have a lower environmental impact than producing animal products.  Animal products uses a lot more fuel, feed and water to produce.
  • Foods raised organically need fewer chemical pesticides and fertilizers and thus have less impact on the environment.  If you can’t to buy all organic foods, make a decision to purchase a few foods which are most important to you to eat organically.
  • Choose foods raised close to home.  Utilize foods sold at farmers markets, CSA’s (community supported agriculture) or raise a garden. 
  • Learn to eat within the season. Food that is not raised in the area, is often shipped a significant distance which results in more fuel used for transportation.
  • Reduce food waste.  A significant amount of food is thrown away in this country.  Only buy what you can reasonably use in a week. Rotting food is a major source of methane, one of the greenhouse gases associated with global warming. Also look for foods that use minimal packaging.   

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