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Monday, July 28, 2014

Selecting a Healthy Frozen Yogurt

Selecting a Healthy Frozen Yogurt
I have been eating more frozen yogurt this summer. But while comparing brands, I have found some frozen yogurts to have a lot of sugar and fat in them.  Thankfully, there are a number of healthy frozen yogurts in the freezer section.

A number of frozen yogurts are made with skim milk for a lower calorie and fat profile and with Greek yogurt for a small increase in protein.  Also, many frozen yogurts contain live and active bacteria cultures, one of the factors that make yogurt a healthy option.  To determine if the yogurt you are looking to purchase contains these cultures, look for the National Yogurt Association’s “Live and Active Cultures” seal on the package.

Here are some tips for selecting a healthy yogurt. 

·         When choosing frozen yogurt at a yogurt shop, the soft yogurt has more air whipped into it and will be lower in calories than the harder, scoop kind.
·         Pay attention to the type and amount of toppings added to yogurt. Remember that some of these toppings like crumbled candy or cookies can add a lot of calories.
·         Whether you are purchasing frozen yogurt at a yogurt shop, or buying a carton at the grocery store, pay attention to portion sizes.  Eating more than the recommended portion size, will result in consuming more calories.
·         Check the Nutrition Facts labels on the carton or nutrition information at the yogurt shop to determine teaspoons of sugar.  A large serving of yogurt can have well over 10 teaspoons of sugar and this is before any toppings are added.             

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