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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Changing Trends When Purchasing Food at the Super Market

Changing Trends When Purchasing Food at the Super Market
As you have probably noted in recent years, trends toward purchasing food have changed. The biggest change in consumer behavior during the past two decades has been a push toward greater convenience. Today’s consumers demand the food they want, when they want it. New demands have been created by a more diverse, older and health-conscious audience. In the past, people planned out their shopping for a week. Now, they’re deciding what they want 10 or 15 minutes before mealtime.
Here are some trends that are impacting supermarkets.  
¯  Growing Latino and Asian populations, coupled with increasing consumer demand for variety, are bringing more “global flavors' to the supermarket. International food products are gaining distribution in mainstream grocery stores.
¯  Stores will make it easier for shoppers to use their mobile phones to shop. More shoppers are using the Web to plan meals, make grocery lists and then find the items in aisles.
¯  People are eating fewer prepared meals and more snacks. With the consumption of more snacks is a demand for healthy snack options. As a result, 60 percent of new snack food products are positioned as “better for you.
¯  Food packaging has been evolving beyond the can and box to include using containers like pouches and cartons for soup and wine.
¯  On average, consumers shop at five different types of stores to fulfill their grocery needs, according to Deloitte’s 2014 American Pantry report.  Examples of shopping channels include supermarkets, super centers (like Wal-Mart), and discount, convenience, and club stores.
¯  Sales of private-label groceries are projected to grow 62 percent in 2016 up from $83 billion in 2008 according to a Packaged Facts survey. 
¯  More supermarkets and manufacturers are expanding their community service work. In addition to increasing visibility, community service work is a great way to give back.

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