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Monday, August 4, 2014

Healthy Low Sugar Summer Drinks

Healthy Low Sugar Summer Drinks
Nothing is better than a cool, refreshing drink on a hot summer day. Nothing is worse than a beverage loaded with sugar and isn’t great for your health. The good news is that you can have all of your favorite summer drinks by making them lower in sugar while keeping them flavorful. Here are some healthy, low-sugar options to enjoy this summer:
· Infused water. You can buy these beverages at the store, but save money by making them at home. Simply add your favorite cut up fruits or vegetables to a pitcher of water and let it sit in the refrigerator for three hours. Herbs like mint or rosemary can be added for an additional punch of flavor.
· Iced tea. Brew a strong tea and leave in the refrigerator to cool. If you like some sweetness to your tea, add a hint of honey or crush a stevia plant leaf.
· Seltzer and juice. To mimic your favorite soda, add a splash of juice to some seltzer. You get the same fruity flavor and carbonation of soda with much less sugar. Or, buy some flavored seltzer which is low calorie and caffeine free.
· Iced coffee. Make a cup of coffee. Add a small amount of sugar, milk and other flavorings along with ice.
· Lemonade. Powdered mixes often have options that are low in sugar. But, you can also make your own lemonade at home with some lemons, water and a little bit of sugar, agave syrup or honey. Add fresh herbs like mint or basil and some fresh or mashed fruit to add even more flavor.
Written by: Lauren Von Drashek- Dietetic Intern


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