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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Engage in Physical Activity

Engage in Physical Activity
Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer? Look no further than exercise. The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. And the benefits of exercise are yours for the taking, regardless of your age, sex or physical ability. Need more convincing to exercise? Here are some ways exercise can improve your life.
No. 1: Exercise controls weight. Exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. When you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn.
No. 2: Exercise combats health conditions and diseases.  In fact, regular physical activity can help you prevent or manage a wide range of health problems and concerns, including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, and certain types of cancer, arthritis and falls.
No. 3: Exercise improves mood. Need an emotional lift? Or need to blow off some steam after a stressful day? A workout at the gym or a brisk 30-minute walk can help. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.
No. 4: Exercise boosts energy. Winded by grocery shopping or household chores? Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

Engaging in daily physical activity to burn 100 calories can be the difference between a high-risk sedentary lifestyle and being moderately inactive.  Below is a list of activity that will burn about 100 calories, depending on your weight in about 20 minutes.

·         Walking briskly
·         Gardening
·         Lawn mowing with a power mower
·         Playing tennis doubles
·         Raking leaves
·         Shooting baskets
·         Below are some more strenuous activities that burn about 100 calories in 15 minutes.
·         Dancing fast
·         Hiking
·         Lifting weights
·         Using a push mower
·         Treading water
·         Using a stair climber

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