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Monday, June 29, 2015

Cook with Wisconsin Cheese

Cook With Wisconsin Cheese
The state of Wisconsin and the art of cheese making are synonymous.  In celebration of June Dairy Month, enjoy some Wisconsin cheese.  Here are some tips for handling and cooking with cheese to ensure they taste and perform at their best.
·       Most natural cheeses taste best when served at room temperature.  Let sit, covered, out of refrigeration, for 30 minutes to an hour before serving.
·       Take out only what you think you will consume at one sitting and leave the remainder in the refrigerator. Repeated temperature changes hasten product deterioration.  
·       In cooking, use low heat and avoid long cooking.  High heat and long cooking times make many natural cheeses tough and stringy.
·       To promote even melting, slice, shred, grate, cube, or dice cheese before adding as an ingredient.
·       Broil foods topped for cheese four to six inches from heat source.
·       To microwave cheese, use 30 percent (medium-low) to 70 percent (medium-high) power.

Source: Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board     

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