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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Lowdown on Dirty Dishes

The Lowdown on Dirty Dishes
Tips for getting the job done in record time
When the lazy, hazy days of summer are in full swing, it’s natural to want to give household chores short shift. Who wants to spend time doing dishes when the outdoors beckons?

“While it’s tempting to stock up on paper and plastic dinnerware, it’s not necessarily the best solution,” says Nancy Bock, Vice President of Education at The Soap and Detergent Association. “In addition to  environmental concerns and the extra expense involved in purchasing these disposable products, pots and pans still need to be cleaned!” So here are some tips for getting those dishes done at warp speed.

In the dishwasher:
· Load promptly. Make it a habit to put dirty dishes into the dishwasher as you use them. It gets clutter off the counter and keeps the process from becoming overwhelming.
· Follow the directions on the automatic dish detergent label so you use only as much detergent as is    necessary to clean your dishes. 

By hand:
· Preplan. Dishwashing is easier if food doesn’t have a chance to dry on the dishes. So, when cooking or baking, fill the sink with dish soap and hot water before you start. When you finish with a pot, pan, or utensil, put it directly in the water.
· Presoak so it’s easier to remove burned-on stains and cooked-on soils. This gives the detergent’s ingredients time to break down soils. As a result, it’ll minimize the amount of detergent required and the scrubbing time needed.
· Use hot water when washing dishes by hand. The hot water helps cut grease and lift dirt away, which  reduces scrubbing time. If you have sensitive hands, wear a pair of rubber gloves.
· Air-dry your dishes. It’s a time-saver.
· To learn more about products formulated to clean dishes by hand, check out The Soap and Detergent Association’s

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