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Monday, June 15, 2015

Making Successful Jams & Jellies

Making Successful Jams & Jellies
Nothing says “summer” like the delicious taste of homemade jam and jelly.  Jams and jellies are processed in a boiling water or steam canner. Here are some tips for making a great jellied product.
·       You may safely add a small amount (1 teaspoon or less) of herb or other flavoring to a fruit jam or jelly recipe e.g. when making basil strawberry jam.
·       Substitute peaches for nectarines, or apples for pears with the same tasty results.
·       You may use unsweetened frozen or canned fruit in place of fresh in any jam or jelly recipe.  Do not use pre-sweetened fruit.
·       You may use honey in making jams or jellies.  In recipes with no added pectin, honey can replace up to ½ the sugar, decrease the amount of liquid by the amount of honey added.
·       If using bulk pectin, six tablespoons is equal to one box.
·       Follow a recipe tested for the type of pectin (regular, low-sugar, no-sugar) and form (powdered or liquid) specified.  Do not substitute as the product will fail to set.
·       Do not double jam and jelly recipes as you will end up with syrup.
Source: Barb Ingham, UW-Extension Food Safety Specialist 

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