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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Are You On Track to Achieve Your 2015 Resolutions?

Are You On Track to Achieve Your 2015 Resolutions?
We are just over half way through 2015.  Do you remember what resolutions you selected to work on for 2015? If so, have you made progress?  If one of your resolutions was to focus on your health, here are some tips to help you achieve the resolution.  

1)      Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. This is a great time of year to purchase fruits and vegetables at farmers markets or produce stands. Grocery stores sell a wide variety of produce in the summer.
2)      Get enough sleep.  It seems in the summer that there are so many things going on. Take time to get approximately eight hours of sleep per night.
3)      Join the “slow reading” movement. Take time to read a book while being disconnected from electronic devices.
4)      Spend less time on electronic devices and watching television. Instead choose activities that will help you be more active.
5)      If you have not scheduled an annual physical for 2015, take the time to accomplish this task.
6)      Sign up for a class at a local gym that you have been wanting to take, but have not taken the time to register.
7)      For every hour you sit, walk five minutes. This is good for blood flow, burning calories and reducing stress.
8)      Arrange time with another person to go for a walk or bicycle ride.                  


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