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Monday, July 13, 2015

Healthy Breakfast Options When Eating Out

Healthy Breakfast Options When Eating Out
Eating breakfast on the run is very common.  Adults who report regularly eating a healthy breakfast are more likely to:
·       Eat more vitamins and minerals
·       Control their weight
·       Eat less fat and cholesterol

For a number of people, breakfast is eaten away from home.  Here are some tips for making healthy choices away from home.
  • One option is to order an omelet with vegetables.  Go light on the cheese and processed meat.  Poached  and hard boiled eggs are another great choice. Pair with fruit or whole wheat toast. 
  • If you chose a bagel, ask for a small amount of cream cheese to be spread on the bagel or better yet, ask for the cream cheese on the side, so you can spread on a thin layer. Ask for low fat cream cheese.  Peanut butter on a bagel or whole wheat toast is another good option.
  • Be selective when choosing a breakfast sandwich.  Ham and bacon contain significant amounts of sodium plus bacon is high in fat.  Canadian bacon is a healthier option.  Croissants while they are tasty have a lot of fat grams.  Instead ask for your sandwich to be made with an English muffin. 
  • A yogurt parfait is another good option for consuming fruit, calcium and whole grains from the granola.
  • Smoothies may sound like a healthy option but can contain a large amount of calories and added sugar from juice, fruit flavored syrups and sweetened yogurt.
  • Your morning meal doesn't have to mean loading up on sugar and fats



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