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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Eating Out at Mexican Restaurants

Eating Out at Mexican Restaurants
There has been a proliferation of ethnic restaurants opening in our community.  It is fun to try the many entrees that are being offered.   While many of these eating establishments offer healthy options, there are some items that have lots of calories.  Here are some tips for making wise choices when eating at Mexican restaurants.     

·       Do not over consume the chips.  It is easy to eat a basket of chips which can result in consuming lots of extra calories.
·       Choose grilled items when possible.  Grilled meat and vegetables will have fewer calories than foods that are deep fat fried.
·       Take advantage of ordering a la carte.  This can reduce the expectation of needing to eat all of the food that comes with a dinner selection.
·       Drink wisely.  A margarita has a lot of sugar and calories.
·       Skip the fried tortilla shells and fried strips that often come with salads. 

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