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Friday, October 2, 2015

October is National Apple Month

October is National Apple Month
Apples not only taste great but they also provide essential vitamins, minerals and fiber that help to protect from chronic diseases

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that we eat more fruits and veggies than any other food group − for adults, that´s 3½ to 6½ cups (7 to 13 servings) daily for better health. At least 2 of those 3½ to 6½ cups of fruits and veggies should be fruit.

So what equals one cup of apples? 1 small apple
½ large apple
1 cup sliced, raw or cooked apples
½ cup of dried apples
1 cup of 100% apple juice or cider
1 cup of applesauce

Nearly 100 varieties are grown commercially in the United States, but a total of 15 popular varieties account for almost 90 percent of production:
Not sure which variety is best used where? Check out our downloadable apple variety guide.

Source: US Apple Association

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